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    Download Roadly app for free and make your car to understand the road!


    • Roadly - is a free app for your smartphone, which will help you while on the road
    • Recognizes road signs and warns on their limits
    • Works as dashcam
    • Just download it with buttons below:

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  • Crowdsourced Mapping

    Only roads and road sings what actually exist! All the data collecting automatically with Computer Vision and Deep Neural Networks running on the device.

    Augmented Realty Navigation

    We'll build a route only where your car actually can drive. We'll put it onto the feed from camera with Augmented Reality. No more missed exits on complicated junctions.

    Way to Self Driving

    Our HD-Maps will allow easy adoption of Self-Driving cars to the market. Make the future happen faster!

  • HD-mapping prototype

  • See current app in action